Just like your Tiger, we hope you will be part of the Trinity University family for life.

从高中到大学的过渡, or from one college to the next is an exciting stepping stone in your student’s life. 我们也明白,这对父母和家庭来说是一个变化. 这个页面是献给父母和家庭的, and will assist in connecting you to the many resources Trinity provides.

Trinity works with parents and families to help keep you informed of current events, deadlines and important information through our Parent and Family Portal. 无论你是未来学生的家庭成员, 或者是目前在读的学生, 家长和家庭门户网站是您的一站式信息中心. 如果你还没有注册,我们鼓励你注册 sign up here. 欢迎来到澳门金沙赌城线上游戏!



Don’t miss out on… 




  • 分享你对未来父母参与的想法
  • 花时间和他/她一起学习、成长、玩乐.
  • 了解我们大学的建筑和未来计划. 

Visit the PAW website


Fall Family Weekend 2024

Save the date for Fall Family Weekend 2024: tentatively scheduled for November 1-3, 2024. 敬请关注更多信息. 如果你还没有注册 澳门金沙赌城线上游戏家长门户网站, we encourage you to take a moment to sign up for personalized newsletters.





Check out these other campus happenings that you and your Tiger can enjoy!

How do I get involved?



澳门金沙线上赌博官网社区不可或缺的一部分, parents and families are encouraged to get involved in campus life.

 Parent Council

Online Communities

Stay connected with Trinity, your student, and other parents and families through online resources.

 Parent Portal


 Trinity Newsletters

On-Campus Connections

Several events take place on campus specifically for Trinity families. 留意一下邀请! 

 Family Weekend

Visit Trinity    Visit San Antonio

Partners along the Path

Trinity University 家长及家庭计划 promote and cultivate student learning, development, and success—and we are here for you and your Tiger every step of the way.


Aliza Holzman-Cantu






Nicole Fratto Garcia '13





Christina Castillo

Dean Of Students


Home Away from Home

Trinity University is your Tiger's home to live in, learn from, and explore. 无论是和室友还是室友的关系, 在校园食堂共享一顿饭, 或者发现圣安东尼奥市, 学生们把他们的校园时光当成“家外之家”."


Residential Life

Residential Life is proud to be a part of making Trinity a home away from home. Our three-year residency requirement cultivates deep bonds across Trinity's living and learning communities.

Residential Life


Trinity University Dining Services offers a wide variety of options for students dining on-campus. including popular national brands and an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience at Mabee Dining Hall.

Trinity Dining

Finishing Touches

 Ahh! What do we BRING? Check out our handy packing checklist.

 Your key to the kingdom, Trinity style. Read more about your campus TigerCard.

 我在校园里有一辆车,我把它停在哪里? Learn more about parking on campus.


加州萨克拉门托的辛迪推荐 余额约为100美元 在你学生的虎鹿账户上. She says her student used debit cards and Venmo to share off-campus expenses. And in the event of an emergency, Cindy suggests trusting your student with a credit card.

德克萨斯州乔治城的珍说 提前购买一个小的,独立的电线货架架 for the bathroom. It is the perfect place near the sink for toothpaste, combs, soap, etc. that might not fit on the countertop when multiplied by four student occupants.

Although move-in day is a breeze because of the help of Team Trinity, 年底搬出去需要帮助, 来自休斯顿的母亲洛丽塔说. She recommends purchasing a dolly that converts from a two-wheel vertical truck to a four-wheel platform cart.

Our advice? 圣安东尼奥是一个大城市. 即使你的学生忘记带东西, there’s always a store nearby that probably carries the item they need (Target is only 3.8英里远,沃尔玛只有5英里远).


Care Packages and Mail

我要给你的老虎寄个包裹? Students receive mail at the Tigers’ Den and packages from the Mail Services Center, 位于Prassel车库附近. Students’ campus mailboxes usually remain the same until they elect to move off-campus.

Visit the Mail Center website for information on how to address mail and packages, 并为寄信的家庭找到有用的提示.

Mail Center



莱斯利·万(Leslie Wan P'10)是一名2010级虎级学生的家长,她写道:

"No matter how prepared for college or resourceful you feel your student is, 你会接到电话的. These will cause you stress if you don’t understand in advance that these calls, too, shall pass."

Read Leslie's advice 从你的老虎打回家的电话.




At Trinity, there are many services, support systems, and peer networks that your Tiger can access to help guide them in discovering their own paths.


Health Services

Trinity University Health Services provides high-quality, accessible nursing and medical care

Health Services


Counseling Services

澳门金沙赌城线上游戏提供免费咨询服务, 保密的个人咨询和支持小组.

Counseling Services



有意的包容是其中之一 澳门金沙赌城线上游戏的核心价值观. 我们致力于创造一个允许 all 老虎和他们的家人自豪地把澳门金沙线上赌博官网称为家.


Campus Safety

Keeping our community and campus safe is a top priority for Trinity University. 了解更多有关我们的安全资源:



澳门金沙线上赌博官网的校园是学生生活的繁华中心, with countless ways for students to get involved and find their people on campus, in San Antonio, 甚至在全球范围内!

Student Involvement

Student Organizations

Club and IM Sports


At Trinity University, building students’ agency and autonomy to live and learn independently is a fundamental goal of the student experience. Students are viewed as adults; as such, we engage students directly when it comes to supporting them during times of academic, emotional, behavioral, or social challenges. At the same time, we encourage students to maintain contact with their families and communicate regularly and openly with each other about issues of mutual concern. 

根据联邦教育权和隐私权法案(FERPA), the law permits the institution to notify emergency contacts directly in the instances of a health and safety emergency. These instances are balanced with each student’s privacy and the unique situation. It is our intent to partner with the student when informing a parent or guardian in order to discuss the possible benefits and challenges of notification.  




Billing and Payments

Find out more about the billing and payment process at Trinity University.

Billing and Payments

Pay a Bill


Tuition and Fees

Learn all about tuition and the other fees associated with attending Trinity.

Tuition and Fees


Cost of Attendance

Consult the potential sum of the various expenses associated with enrollment at Trinity in a given year.

For Undergraduates

For Graduates


Talk with your Tiger about completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile to be considered for all available resources.

Applying for Aid

Academic Support



Learn about the personalized academic guidance that all Trinity students receive from professional advisers.

Academic Advising



Student Success

Check out the resources the Student Success Center offers to holistically uplift and empower students.

Student Success


Pathways Curriculum

探索澳门金沙线上赌博官网衔接课程, which provides a customizable and robust Liberal Arts education. 

Pathways Curriculum


Read about Trinity University's compliance with FERPA policy regarding students' privacy rights.